Rose Learns to Forgive


In this captivating and stunning picture book, the reader will go on a journey with Rose as she learns to forgive her friends.

Rose Learns to Forgive - In this follow-up series to Rose, A Judge In Kindsville – Rose struggles with feeling rejected and abandoned by her two best friends after breaking her leg and being homebound for three months. Rylee, Rose’s twin sister, tries to be there for her as best as she can, and Rose eventually turns her pain into prayer – which is the turning point for Rose, as she sees how her prayers are answered in a truly outrageous way.

#Self Esteem #Judging kindly #Prayer #Courage #Friendship #Forgiveness

A wonderful book filled with meaningful and relevant messages for children. The illustrations are beautiful and captivating. My daughter loves this series.


I’m 13 years old and I still love these books. its well written, has cute rhymes, cute pictures and best of all it teaches me good lessons for life. It is good for all ages and I can read it multiple times.


My daughter just asked me when the next book in this series is coming out! She really enjoys reading this one and the first volume.

Adina Shayowitz

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