Rose, A Judge in Kindsville – picture book


Join Rose, as she learns about the judge inside her own mind and transforms her relationship with her twin sister Rylee, by deciding to judge her kindly!


Sweet Rose is a loving and friendly girl. Her twin sister Rylee on the other hand, is very rude and rough and Rose has trouble getting along with her. One night before Rose falls asleep, she prays for things to be different. Rose dreams that she's in a courtroom and she sees Rylee being judged very harshly with no one to defend her. Rose feels so sorry for Rylee, but when she takes a closer look - she realizes that she, little Rose, is the judge! Rose meets a wise old woman in the courtroom, who teaches her all about the importance of judging others kindly. When Rose wakes up she sees that Rylee isn't in her bed. She finds Rylee crying in the bathroom, and finds out that she had the same dream as her. Rose, apologizes to Rylee and they become best of friends! And some more!

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