About me

Life Coach Certification

Certified by Refuah Institute (Professor Joshua Ritchie, MD) and trained RMT Center (Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes) for Strategic Intervention


Coaching Experience

At the beginning of my career, I created and gave workshops on emotional intelligence and self esteem to high school girls and young women dating for marriage, as well as coaching them. I then moved on to writing/publishing articles (as well as my first book!) and coaching adults by phone on a variety of issues including; anxiety, relationships, dieting and more. 


Life Experience

Much more than any training I've received - was the gift of my own life experience. God knew my heart and desire to help heal others, so He blessed me with an incredible amount of personal struggles, including a severe anxiety and panic disorder for many years, in order to give me the chance to know firsthand the challenges of so many anxious/hurting souls and to better understand how to help them.